Tuesday, March 7, 2017

OIMY on Galiano

We had a wonderful day of learning at our OIMY plus on Galiano. We learned about and got to sample food from the "forest garden"; we heard about traditional uses of plants and trees by practicing cedar weaving (the paper version) and a "Caboose Walk". In the Caboose Walk students became experts on a plant or a tree and retold the information to everyone in their group. Some students got very creative with their presentations and all were very informative and rich! Thank you to the Galiano Conservancy for this well planned and enjoyable day of learning!

Final Projects

A sampling of beautiful final projects and very proud OIMY students: 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OIMY+ on Galiano

Tomorrow we head off for a full day adventure on Galiano! Here are the travel details:

Mayne and Pender students will take the ferry over (leaving at 7:05am on Pender and 7:45am on Mayne).

Coming home will be via water taxi: arriving 3pm in Miner's Bay on Mayne and arriving at 3:35pm in Port Washington on Pender.

We will be with the Galiano Conservancy for most of the day learning about native edible plants and other forest ecology lessons!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Term 2 Update

We have been working away on our exploratories for the past couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures from the Robotics crew:

Last week we were unable to run our last session of Term 2 due to the amount of snow we received - all schools were closed in SD64. We have reschedule for Thursday, Feb 16th!

We were all under a very large blanket of snow last week! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Full day on Mayne!

We completed our last day of Exploratories for this term and then had our first OIMY plus day. These days allow for our students to experience each of the islands our students represent in the OIMY  program. The program we develop for each island is place-based and focused on local history and ecology often including local experts as facilitators. For example, on this afternoon students rotated through four different learning experiences. One station was run by local experts from our Mayne Island Conservancy: Michael and Stephanie. They shared information about mushrooms now starting to pop up in our forests and students went on a mushroom hunt and practiced identifying species with their help. Mayne Island teacher, Megan Cameron, led students in creating beautiful beach art. Local artist Annette had students create a found sound orchestra and teacher Jess Willows led students in forest games. Here are some photos from this exception afternoon:

Monday, October 17, 2016


This is the first opportunity we have had to teach Robotics in the OIMY program, and we're also the first middle years students to get to learn about Robotics in our school district!!

Thank you to Gulf Islands Secondary and particularly Rachel FitzZaland who started a Robotics program in our district and offered to lend us enough kits for an exploratory and train a teacher!

Here are the students building, programming, and then engaging in a challenge:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OIMY for 2016/17

We are starting our OIMY program for the new school year this week. Mayne School will be our campus for the next three Thursdays as we explore the following exploratories: robotics, photography, fibre arts, cooking and art.

Galiano students will take the water taxi to and from Mayne: leaving at 7:15am and returning at 5:15pm.

Pender students will take the ferry to and from Mayne: leaving at 7:05am and returning at 12:20pm.

Our first session runs at these times on these Thursdays: October 6, 13 and 20th.